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Mechanic of the sequence
I am deleting this livejournal. I don't really use it anymore. Not too many people post anymore. I just don't think I'm getting anything positive out of it.
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Dear Livejournal,

I'm done with you. There just isn't enough of a reason to drag this out. It use to feel like a community of friends on here and now it's a ghost town. I do think that journals are a good way to work through life stuff. I just don't think I will be doing that here anymore.

I'm out
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Dear DIE-ary,

Today was a good day. It all started with the news of my Disneyland trip being pushed forward! Instead having to wait until October 9th, I get to go on September 25th! For once there will be new rides that I have yet to be on. The Nemo ride, Monster's Inc, and Space Mountain's halloween makeover! Not to mention my favorite Mister Skellington visiting the Mansion as well as hosting the Halloween fireworks show. Can you tell I'm excited?
I got one of my unemployment checks in the mail and went to the craft store. While there I oogled the Halloween decor. *drools*
I spent the rest of the evening watching Ghost Hunters and finishing another painting for the artshow.
After I put all of my brushes away, I got an email asking if I wanted to DJ Death Guild on Monday. Of course was the answer. I don't think I've ever turned down a chance to DJ at Fancy Pants Village. I lurve that place bunches.
Now I'm off to listen to new much and see if there are any jams that I can spin.
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Last night I finished the flier for the art show in October. I have a good amount of work a head of me to get everything finished in time. Mark your calendars now people!

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The actual video for my current jam is not available for embedding. After some looking around I found this. It's kinda better than the original video. It uses footage from a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Dieterle and Max Reinhardt from 1935. I love the imagery they were able to create back then.

Florence + the Machine - Rabbit Heart

On a different note, Today Chas came home with a smallish box. The conversation was a wacky way to start my day, it went like this.

Me: What's in the box, Chas?
Chas: Mom
Me: *falls down laughing*

I'm just glad Chas can see the wackiness in that after his mom passed away.
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I have nothing nice to say at the moment
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I am still up in the air about going out to SF for Pride on Sunday. Last time I went I had fun dancing with Starr at the Shadowplay stage. When I wasn't doing that I was with Jeff and his friends walking around. Going never really makes me feel filled with gay pride. It usually makes me cringe at the overly sexual crowd. porn company booths, people in skimpy out fits, not to mention the sea of stereotypes all around. I know, I know it's not all that kind of stuff. There are booths for good causes as well. I think I will celebrate pride by just living my life as I have always done. I'll dance it up on Monday at Death Guild.
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Why do I even have this journal anymore?
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